“Design Industries – Samsung group”

Design industries help South Korean’s economy to grow faster and the Samsung Group is South Korean multinational conglomerate company which covers wide areas in South Korean life such as electronics, insurance, supermarkets, hotels, bank, television, newspaper and education system. Why are they so successful? The average of employees graduated from Samsung’s own university and most of them are postgraduate students or Drs.This made sure that their employees possess high level of qualification. Also, they built a center, which is called “Art& Innovation Design Centre”. The center is in cooperation with global studios and some design institutes, which is also why Samsung electronic products can be one of best brands in the world. They sent a team on design journeys t who have traveled around Hong Kong, Japan, China, United State and Germany each year. Their design innovation is faster than other countries because they invest a lot of recourse in their employees. The employees learn more things from other culture and background in order to keep their brain electrified. This reduces the chance of “bottle neck” in developing new technologies and products. They have Samsung town, which is located in Seoul. It serves as IT and electronic hub for multinational cooperation Samsung. 


However, some people think Samsung group are underground principle because Samsung group can control South Korea economy so some people called Samsung founder Lee Byung-chui the economic principle in South Korea. Some people believe if Samsung group keeps to grow up become stronger than others, they will be authoritarian group in South Korea. 


As we know, Samsung electronic is the one of top brands in the world and also the majority of South Korean used Samsung mobile phone. How can they beat the large company like Apple or HTC? How can their mobile phone design attract young generations and make them royal. Most of their mobile devices are touch screen and also their screen is bigger than other brands which are their special features. This year one marketing company said that “we should feel scared of Samsung, they will take over the world of technology after a decade.”


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