Is New Technology Taking Away Our Privacy?

New Technologies Breeching Our Privacy?


As new technology emerges in today’s society so do the questions of whether or not lines are being crossed.  Is privacy in public becoming non-existent or is there still a right to know if people are recording footage of you?  What could the footage be used for behind the curtain of your knowledge.   Discrete cameras are creating a number of discussions on whether or not they are ‘suitable’ for use in public spaces and whether or not it is breeching your privacy rights.

Not many people would be openly happy with someone recording them while hiding in a shrub or tree so why would it be alright for people to record you using hidden cameras?  More to the point why would they be recording you and what would the footage be used for?  The main reason people don’t like non-consensual footage taken of them would be the potentially offensive and rude possibilities that could result from the footage.  So this raises the question, “Should the Google Glass and Samsung Gear like devices include cameras?”

As we go through our day, it is likely that footage of us is recorded by CCTV cameras.  It’s a part of society we accept and trust that the content will only be used for crime fighting situations.  Tourists take ‘happy snaps’ all the time around the city and other sightseeing landmarks.  It would be safe to assume that we have all been caught in the background of at least one of these “private photos.”  The thing that disturbs us and our privacy is the fear of “creeps,” strange individuals usually strangers, taking photos or video of you without you knowing for suspicious reasons.  Some people will argue that the “creeps” out there can get the footage one way or another but others will still argue that having access to these new technologies would potentially just encourage misuse.

It so happens that on it is possible to buy “spy pens” or pens with pin head size cameras hidden on them capable of capturing 720p video.  Such technologies such as Google Glass would not really present predators or people similar with more “gadgets” aiding their sinister acts.


In a more in depth view, organised crime would be able to use technology such as Google Glass to its full potential.  Jemima Kiss quoted in theguardian that “Industrial espionage, identifying flaws in buildings, scoping out security positions. It would be easy to modify Glass to identify every single security camera, and plot you a path you could walk through a shopping centre where you’re not going to be recorded.”  Opening a whole new subtle way of navigating strategically to avoid CCTV for criminals.

Google Glass has effectively drawn people’s attention to the possibility of technology.  If people mentions the risks of Google Glass the reality is that the risks have been around much longer and Glass is just bringing the debate back into the spotlight.


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