Asia Relationships

The Australia Asia relationship will provide many opportunities for the forthcoming generation of designers because of Asia’s rapidly increasing systems and infrastructure. Although with the rapid economic growth of Asia this would mean a larger demand for food and water in the future years as population expands. When reading chapter 2 of the White Paper I found it to be very informative on the potential benefits Australia’s relationship with Asia as the increase in international trade between the allies, but; (this may have been discussed in another chapter) it made me question how can Australia keep up with Asia’s increasing demand for supplies when their economy is growing so rapidly?

When reading the Sangam Project there was a clear difference between the way the future for Australia was discussed because the article focused on creative design instead of economic future. I believe after reading the two articals that with higher cross-cultural collaboration with Australia, (providing a western approach to design) India and other East Asia countries, the limits of design can be pushed to better suit a more diverse integration of cultures living in the one spot.


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