UA architects curves pathway through shirasagi museum


Shoji Oshio,

This museum by UA architects in utsunomiya, japan, is located on a main thoroughfare between two roads facing north and south. The challenge with the location is that the boundaries of public and private land ownership, has been a constantly traversed path for over 30 years by the people of the local village. The owner of the site decided to make his art collection open for public display along this route.

Where it is designed for and from – The simple gesture of incorporating movement from the journey into the building, enhances the overall feeling of community in the area. The study and exhibition room was built from traditional local materials with white, horizontal cladding.

I don’t believe there are aspects of bad design in this particular museum, because it was built with good intentions to challenge to location of public and private ownership and to enhance the feeling of the small community as well as the private art.


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