Part 2- Asia Based Design projects 1

Tokyo-house-with-skylight-framing-the-sky-by-Atelier-Tekuto_dezeen_ss23Japanese Architectural Design- Frame The Sky

Architectural designer
Yasuhiro Yamashita – Atelier Tekuto
Constructional designer
Jun Sato – Jun Sato Structural Engineers

The four-storey house is located within one of the city’s many dense residential areas, so Atelier Tekuto tried to make the most of natural light by framing a view of the sky and clouds, hence the project title Framing the Sky.

Main design rationale and concept

Instead of using artificial lights for the interior illumination during day time, Atelier Tekuto Decided to create a large window frame on the ceilling shown as the photo on the left which allows natural sunlight penetrates and shine the interior space.

Target countries and audiences

Mainly for the locals in japan (Tokyo)
They said thier design is focusing on the relationship between nature and people in the city. They realise that skylights are the most important openings in the urban houses. It is because the sky is the only element of nature left in the urban context, and the skylight serves as an interface between people and nature.

Yasuhiro Yamashita – Atelier Tekuto  Webpage :



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