Part 2- Asia Based Design Projects 2

Taiwanese Furniture Design- Flexible Love

Designer : Chishen Chiu

Basic Description

Flexible Love is constructed almost entirely from recycled cardboard and recycled wood waste and can expand to hold up to16 people! The unique qualities of its accordion and honeycomb structure allow it to be stretched and folded into a multitude of shapes and lengths – creating surprisingly strong seating. To change its length and shape, you simply pull each end – much like playing an accordion. For a chair that offers this much flexibility and adaptability, it’s hard to believe it is made almost entirely of recycled cardboard.

Design rationale and concept

The concept of expandable furniture is basically ruduce space when not in use.
Additionally in some designs like the flexible love, it is ready for users to enhance the particular functon of that individual design for instance to create more space available for people to sit on. In order to maximise the purpose of that design.

Main Audiences

For household, studio , cafe etc . Basically places involve a human-group activity.

Currently available for sale in Taiwan , U.K , Japan , Spain , US , HongKong , Singapore , France.

 Designer, Product official website :

Clients in Japan(Generate Design) :

Spain(STGO) :


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