Part 3- Asia Based Design Projects 3


Hong Kongnese Interior Design- Domestic Transformer
Space Saving Apartment That Can Transform Itself Into 24 Combinations

Designer : Gary Chang

Basic Description

Apartments are small and expensive in Hong Kong, so architect Gary Chang designed his 344 square foot unit to change into 24 different designs, just by sliding walls and panels around. He even calls it a “Domestic Transformer.”

“It’s a big problem,” Mr. Chang said. “Killing each other is not uncommon.”

 “People feel trapped,” he said. “We have to find ways to live together in very small spaces.”

Design retionale and concept

 The idea of it is to maximise the usable space in a tiny appartment which is very popular in Hong Kong. By hiding unnecessary components to spare out room for activity. Simply consists of a few layers as shown in the photo above, each layer has both sides for different function and purpose. For example Kitchen and book shelf are all included.

Target Countries and audiences:

 Domestic Transformer is a very useful design for country or citiy with excess population and for people who couldnt afford the rent for a big appartment such as Hong Kong ad Japan.


The client is him self since he’s the only who’s living in there.

Designer and company website :



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