Asian Design Projects

Designer/Maker: Eun Ju Park


Designer Rationale: “There are many cells in human body, but only egg cell can create the entire body. It certainly contains a secret of the birth of life. And the egg cell’s complexity of the molecular system will provide the clues why an adult woman cannot produce the new egg cells, and why women are born with all the eggs in advance. The ovary and the fallopian tube are very confidential and mysterious area.
My works were influenced by the bag-shaped form of the ovary and the shape of the split end of the salphinx. The female reproductive system keeps, matures and displaces the eggs periodically, and the functions of the system are very delicate, dense and mysterious. To express the mysterious feeling, I created the tight wovenshape using the thin and translucent threads. To do this kind of work, the gap between the threads should be the same, and the power for the weaving must be identical.

It will be needed a lot of time to create the work as well. This working process seems like the menstruation cycle which is a serious of physiological changes that can occur in fertile females, and follows the rule of the physical time in the universe. Soft but strong membrane divides the spaces into the inside and the outside, and the chaotic universe is born in the internal space. This is the land of reincarnation and the mysterious world where the life and death coexist.
I tried to express the changes and reality of the entity in my works during the four seasons.”  Eun Ju Park.

Where is it designed for?: Eun Ju Park’s work is art based and has been exhibited through Korea, UK, Europe and the USA. Her website shows only her exhibition work. Because her work is exhibited globally her market doesn’t just reside in Asia but around the world.



Designer/Maker: Hyunhee Hwang, Vikram Vishwanath


Designer Rationale: Hyunhee Hwang and Vikram Vishwanath both now live in London. They are originally from Korea and miss the asian food they loved for so long. They detected a lack of authentic asian tastes within the UK and European markets. So they decided to design a way of sending fresh produce from Asia that could still retain optimum freshness. There core values are promoting economic sustainability, spreading knowledge and culture, and western market penetration.

“There is no more sincere love than the love of food”, George Bernard Shaw. Good food has always been a medium of enjoyment and pride that spans across multiple cultures exemplifying their unique identity through taste, a universally understood language. However due to the commercialization of the food industry, authenticity of taste and process has been sacrificed for the standardized tastes of mass consumerism. By finding a way to make good authentic food available to the masses, we believe that it would create an opportunity for people to experience the vast number of unique cultures around them that are just out of reach, as well as benefit local communities financially” Hyunhee Hwang.

Where is it designed for?: This product is designed to be sold to a global market. 


Designer/Maker: Huang Ching Chi


Designer Rationale:Through the ceramic manufacturing process, the plaster mold used for ceramic grouting was transformed into a set of tableware, with an intention of hoping people to have a grasp of the process of ceramic manufacturing while they use them, and the latch of the ceramic mold was used to make chopstick holder andsauce dish, which achieved a balance between practical use and education.

Tableware can reflect an era in which we live in, so what kind of tableware do we require of living in the 21st century? Due to the rapid path of life and low fertility, we no longer have the benefits of eating together around the table, nowadays; ingredients-for-one is available in every supermarket, tableware-for-one as well, we no longer require excessive products which may generate waste of resources. Therefore, through the mold tableware, users may, while they are using it, think over the source and learn to cherish as well as appreciate with hands clasped together.” Huang Ching Chi

Where is it designed for: This tableware set is designed to be taken on the go. Huang Ching Chi’s concept and inspiration was that we are to busy to eat together.


Designer/Maker: Jin Young Yoon


Designer Rationale: “Based on the standard of Korea, more than 20 tons of wasteful leaves pours in annually. They are used the most widely as they have the biggest meaning in that they are rotten. Also, some of them are thrown away uselessly except the function to use extremely small parts as the film production center. As there wasteful leaves thrown away like this are useless, it is true that they are burnt out. This causes big problems. Carbon dioxide comes into being with lots of oil used through burning up. Burning up annually leaves pouring by spontaneous generation like this, ironic looks to pollute environment is a contradiction of the current our society. This design proposes bricks of a new concept by uniting wasteful leaves and wasteful plastic and manufacturing them into bricks. It is possible to reproduce continuously resources thrown away by wasteful leaves and wasteful plastic and the supply of raw materials also has a great nature-friendly meaning.As bricks producedin this way have strong absorptiveness, they are possible to reproduce/recycle in that they absorb lowing water after rain and it is saved in subterranean water or tanks for storing.”

Where is it designed for: These bricks have a potential for a global market.



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