Part 4: Toward Unit Parts

The focus of this article was primarily towards the progression and influences of the average Japanese dwelling interior over the past 70 years. It talked about the way in which post WW2 western influence prompted swift changes in regard to the construction materials used for the average Japanese home, and how these changes were brought about mainly by imports of new materials and appliances previously not used in Japan. This article also touched on how these materials have drastically altered the interior of modern Japanese dwellings. Furthermore it visited the growing problem of harmony between installations and living space and the way the introduction of new products/appliances often didn’t compliment the surrounding environment. This article then went on to explain how efficiency and energy saving became a problem for the household and concluded by mentioning how the information revolution brought new problems in terms of changes in life style and new tools for living.


Kunio Sano. (1983). Toward Unit Parts. In: Yoshimi Inokuchi Industrial Design Work in Japan. Japan: Rikuyo-sha. 151.


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