Summary: India Style

Chapter One, by Alexandra Bonfante-Warren

Indian style in design and culture has been greatly influenced over the centuries, firstly from invading countries and then through growth in their own textile and spice trades.

One of the more influential styles that has rubbed off on Indian design is that from the invading Muslims around 1000 C.E, with arches and unconventional architecture.

India’s prized silks and cottons stem from the progress made by skilled Indian textile workers, and their ability to adorn silks with ornate intricacies and patterns. Their industry received huge growth as the Europeans reached India.

The East India Company allowed European and Indian cultures to mix and influence each other, Indian social customs became more accepted of the European culture and vice-versa.

Indian design has been deeply rooted in its culture and mixture of religions, however many personals tastes show through the standards of conventional Indian design.

Bonfante-Warren, A.BW, 2001. India Style. 1st ed. New York: Friedman/Fairfax .


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