1- Arkhe Beauty Salon (Part 2)

1- Arkhe Beauty Salon  (Part 2)

Arkhe Beauty Salon

Designer http://www.moriyukiochiai.com/

Designer rationale: “We designed a beauty salon named ARKHE (refers to the ancient belief that water is the source of all creation) around the theme of water.
This is a space made up by the charm of its raw materials, thus, by using aluminum and bringing out the beauty of the material ,we bring into existence a space filled with transient and ever-changing light, like the reflection of light on the surface of water.
“Recyclable aluminum” sheet was used to express the flow of water and hair, reflecting the airily soft light, like sparkling light on water’s surface, and filling the space with elegant and sensual curves. The walls are painted in a silver shade that mimics the glimmering reflection of light on the surface of water.
The aluminum’s flow changes freely while providing a function and atmosphere suited to each area: a space with a gentle flow and a high ceiling for the haircutting area; a space with a stiff current and changes in height difference for the center aisle area and a space with a low ceiling for the waiting area.
This allows to minutely perceive the changes in light throughout the day(from bright white during the day to more emotional blue and purple hues by night),according to the viewer’s location and the passage of time, as well as to experience a space with transient and diverse atmospheres.
Water is the source of all life, and this space projects an image of clarity as a beauty salon in pursuit of the origin of beauty.”

What Market is it targeting? Moriyukio chiai are intending display the “clarity and beauty” to all customers who see the piece. This correlation of beauty’s origin would thus influence the viewers to feel in such a similar place.

Client: Arkhe Hair Salon in Chiba, Japan.


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