3 – IN-EI (Part 2)

3 - IN-EI (Part 2)


Designer: ISSEY MIYAKE http://www.isseymiyake.com (in collaboration with Artemide).

Designers rationale: The birth of IN-EI (which means shadow, shadiness and nuance in Japanese) began in 2010 with an exploration of new and inventive forms of cloth making. Working with his research and development team, Reality Lab, Issey Miyake found a way to incorporate mathematics into fashion to produce clothing that could be folded flat and expanded into 3D shapes like origami to be worn. Two years on, the project titled 132.5 ISSEY MIYAKE has found a new and lovely purpose as a light. Working in collaboration with Artemide, the new IN-EI lamps are made using 2 or 3D mathematical principles, where light and shade harmoniously alternate, resulting in scuplturesque forms that manipulate light and shadow in the most poetic way. Just like their fashion counterpart, IN-EI can be expanded when in use or be flattened to be stored away. The lamps are made of re-treated fibres derived from PET bottles; the bottles themselves are processed using an innovative technology that reduces both energy consumption and Co2 emission by up to 40%.

Where is it designed for? IN-EI is designed for the market influenced by the traditional aspect of lighting and origami. Issey Miyake takes the creativity of traditional origami and combines it with the innovative method of recycling to formulate a harmonious product to buyers interested in Japanese inspired lighting.

Tags: Lighting


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