4 – Feel DIV Stand (Part 2)

4 - Feel DIV Stand (Part 2)

Designer: Chiaki Murata

Designers rationale: Medical practice should be a healing environment comfortable. However, drip bar until now was not a thing in consideration the mental plane minerals. I adopt the maple to the main material, the combination of color and maple as an image of Scandinavian furniture, “feel” will continue to alter the bright and comfortable medical field and minerals. In addition, and movable wooden hook exerted luggage all directions handle, of patients taking into consideration the T-shaped plate functional, which is multiplied by the infusion bottle easily with one hand, and ease of grip and safety, and sanitary difficult to fall and 5 leg canister, which Mididea medical has been engaged with in the medical field for many years.

Where is it designed for? The Feel DIV Stand is designed for hospital rooms, giving medical patients a strong sense of healing and clarity. The incorporated maple in the Feel DIV Stand adopts a very natural vibe, exerting amongst the environment of the room – a very similar emotion.

Client: Mididea
Tags: Furniture


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