Week 2 – Part 1

Response to White Paper – Australia in the Asian Century

By Julian Di Battista

The paper demonstrates to me as an aspiring designer, that the enormous Asian culture has recently had/will continue to have an incredible impact on the design influence and applicable style of Australia. Not only that, it encourages me to want to explore the depths of Asian culture and discover more about their history to better understand where and how designers of an Asian culture get their inspiration.


Furthermore, in the early stages of research into the topic of Design in Asia, it has now become more apparent to me that such a variety of influence must be considered in the future of design. As the Asian population in Australia will grow, it will become more common to bring with them, or see here, inspired design of their own culture.


However, it is not only the stylistic aspect which interests me, but the sustainable side as well. Bringing with it many breakthroughs and creative recycled approaches, Asian Design can and will aid Australia’s thirst for better sustainable and economical growth in the design world.


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