Design Projects Week 2

Kai Tak Development, Hong Kong

Designers: AECOM

AECOM was engaged by the Civil Engineering and Development Department of HKSAR to undertake the Kai Tak Development project in early 2007.

In formulating a comprehensive plan for the development of Kai Tak, the purpose is to transform Kai Tak into a distinguished, vibrant, attractive and people-oriented community nearby the Victoria Harbour. The value of the project includes the regeneration of an abandoned urban area into a high quality residential district, with large open space parks for improving the living environment. The incorporation of the cruise terminal and an international standard multi-purpose stadium will create a local and international attraction and generate a vibrant heart in the society.

The government aims to develop Hong Kong into a leading regional cruise hub through the development of a world-class cruise terminal with state-of-the-art facilities. The new facilities of the new cruise terminal have built-in flexibility to allow adjustments to meet the needs of different types of cruise vessels and various cruise market segments.


Capital Tower, Singapore

Designer: AECOM

Located at the heart of the Central Business District, and at the junction of Maxwell Road, Robinson Road and Cecil Street, AECOM provided building engineering services for this 52-story building of 260 meters height, an approximately 100-meter-long underground passageway linking the development to the nearby Tanjong Pagar MRT Station, and an urban plaza with access to the passageway.

The heavy centralized lift core demanded for caisson foundation, where the individual perimeter columns are supported by pairs of barrettes piles. In order to minimize excessive vibration, stress and therefore movement onto the adjacent MRT tunnels, diaphragm wall with sufficient bracing was used as the basement retaining system. A high strength “in-fill” concrete was used for the perimeter composite columns. The entire office space within the office tower is internally column free.

Pineapple Paper Furniture by Yothaka

Yothaka, Thailand, pineapple paper, pineapple fiber, furniture, sustainable design, renewable materials, waste products, fiber, hand-crafted furniture, Asian designs, natural materials, pineapple1.jpg

The Nut Bench is fun, colorful and made from pineapple paper to boot! Bangkok-based Yothaka International creates hand-woven, modern Asian designs using local natural fibrous materials available in Thailand. The firm that pioneered the use of water hyacinth and Yan Lipao (a fern-like vine found in the South of Thailand) in furniture making has introduced a Pineapple Paper collection made from locally produced pineapple paper fiber. Pineapple leaf fibers are pressed, dyed and made into eco-friendly chairs, stools and benches.

Wire Sofa

In developing their ‘mesh sofa’ outdoor collection, people’s industrial design office wanted to achieve an effect where the person sitting
on the furniture looks as if they are floating in air.

each piece is composed of two parts: the upper seating portion is made from a thin curvilinear mesh (4mm steel wire) which has been
manipulated to relate to the contours of a person’s body. the openness of the grid offers a certain amount of transparency and visual lightness.
from above, the employed material creates a perfect square grid, projected onto a curvilinear surface, offering interesting views from
different vantage points. the lower supporting base is made from 40mm thick stainless steel tubing that has been welded into a rectilinear form,
its mirrored surface reflecting the surrounding environment, further adding to the suspended effect of the mesh upper.


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