A Contemporary Silk Road – Week 2 (pt. 1&2)

Part 1:

How does the Paper impact your understanding of Design in Asia and your role/opportunity as a designer?

As Australia grows, the influence of Asian design grows along side it. We as potential designers will be greatly impacted and influenced by the Asian design concept. Whether it is the design concepts from China, Japan, Singapore, India or any other Asian country, the development of Asian countries will play a huge influence on how we will design things. Asia’s rapid growth and urbanisation have transformed global commodity markets and will continue to do this greatly influencing the world around them. The rate of Asia’s manufacturing output is growing in huge numbers in comparison to the rest of the world’s production. This Paper explains the immense influence Asia is having in many ways including design, hence the roles and opportunity as a designer will change because of this. Much more opportunities as a designer will arise because of Asia’s development.

Part 2:

Asian Cottage -By Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture

A beautiful landscape design set in an Asian theme. Can be used in a backyard setting or any other landscape areas.


Wang Residence – By Ami Saunders, MLA

Another beautiful landscape design with a pond set in an Asian theme. Can be used in a backyard setting or any other landscape areas.


Bali Style Retreat – By ecodesign Pty Ltd

A beautifully styled outdoor area with the theme of Bali. Great for the backyard outdoor area of households.


Shun Electric Knife Sharpener – By Shun

A visually aesthetic piece of kitchen appliance with the Asian theme to it. Great for any kitchen!



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