A Contemporary Silk Road – Week 2


How does the Paper impact your understanding of Design in Asia and your role/ opportunity as a designer?

My understanding of design in Asia is that it will greatly affect our design industry, with Asian countries becoming more established and settled. With the population of most becoming middle class people will need products and items that we have today. As the ‘White Paper’ states we need to take on the challenge of solidifying our design presence and economic benefits to the Asian economy. Our role as I see is to establish our foot and be the leading country that has effect on Asia, just like how China and India is to the world. Our opportunity is to show Asia we can have a massive part in their economy, as Asian influences are seen in Western culture we can reverse that theory to them. Western culture may have some little affect but the world evolves, the mix between cultures can be driven to equality. That’s where I’d say we designers come in, knowing the diversity and limitation to cultures through design we are the one that can bring balance in products and other design elements to the new age century. Our opportunity is not limited to our nation rather the rest of the world; however the growth of other continents is in no comparison to that of Asia. That is where we can grow as a designer but also a growing industry.


Marble Sculptures in Da Nang, Vietnam

Located on the base of the mountain in Da Nang Vietnam, u shall find Vietnamese sculptors will tremendous skills. from personal experience a family member has to come to these  people and requested a special sculpture be made.

these design are influence by culture and natural resources that vietnamese people have to source as work but also a religious connection through these cultures.

Khmer Creation created jewelry pieces out of natural resources that ties in with their culture. using such material as coconut which is Eco friendly and such accessible resource it ties them to the Country itself which is Cambodia.

these jewelry are designed for women, more the villages rather then the in urban area, women in the urban area don’t tie natural minerals to jewelry.

Take Breath is a minimalist design created by Taiwan-based designer Pinyen Creative. The produce is made from ceramic and wood, a juxtaposition that is particularly smooth on the eyes. The wooden accent serves as a grip to securely hold the tea pot using only one hand. Take Breath currently comes in either White or Grey porcelain. (1)

Designer: Pinyen creative

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

the designer describes this as a minimalist design, a simple ceramic teapot yet with a touch of wood changes the design. what unique is taking a traditional teapot playing with shape and material and turning it into a modern take on it. based in Taipei this design would be for that domestic market.

‘three generations in one stool’
designer: tsai & fanchiang, mao-hui chen
material: benihi driftwood, chinaberry, formosan china fir

designer concept :‘three generations in one stool’ recalls the chinese tradition of three generations living together, creating a strong family bond. the design attempts to offer a contemporary piece of furniture that provides versatility and minimal space utility. working similar to russian dolls, the stools can be locked into one another to form a single seat, or detached to function as two separate ones.


absent at time



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