Australia in the Asian Century – White Paper

How does the Paper impact your understanding of Design in Asia and your role/ opportunity as a designer?

The staggering expansion of Asia’s presence on the global stage heralds a momentous and exciting period for Australia as it seeks to leverage its advantages and answer its challenges to further involve its interests as a nation with Asia, ensuring the mutual prosperity of these countries.

The implications for Design in Asia and Australian designers are similarly grand and exciting looking forward to 2025.

The increasing mobility and size of the Asian middle class will bring with it a wealth of demand for intentionally designed products and services that are now an essential part of modern life. As once insulated and agricultural communities grow in prosperity design will become increasingly pivotal in integrating the cultures and lifestyle of proud and rich traditions with the desires and efficiency of the West as it exists today.

Australian designers are in a unique position to answer these questions as the diplomatic footprint of Australia widens, buoyed by its geographic closeness to Asia, existing trade and economic ties, its history of welcoming diversity and its reputation as a leader in educating bright and innovative minds. 



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