Design Projects Week 2

Hong Luo Clubhouse

Designer: Qun Dang (MAD Design,

Where: Beijing, China

Concept: A peaceful retreat for the residential district’s club members

Client: Beijing Earth Real Estate Develops Company

POI: The main entrance to the club is 1.3m below sea level giving the impression visitors are walking in the lake. The outdoor pool as well is at submerged into the lake.


Red Ribbon, Tanghe River Park


Designer: Kongjian Yu (Turenscape,

Location: Qinhuangdao, Hebei, China

Concept: A minimal design to affect a dramatic improvement to the landscape

Client: The Landscape Bureau, Qinhuangdao City

POI: Located on the outskirts of the city, the site was originally a derelict garbage dump. The winding ribbon bench is made of fiberglass and steel and illuminates the boardwalk at night.


Courtyard 104


Artist workshops. 104 Grey Brick Courtyards. Cao Chang Di neighborhood, Beijing. By Fake Design, Ai Weiwei.

Designer: Ai Wei Wei 

Where: Beijing

Concept: Small sized studio residential unit utilizing simple construction techniques and exposed building materials within the dwellings

Client: Mao Ran

POI: The design is composed of 70% grey and 30% red bricks. The design allows for individual outdoor spaces as well as a shared public courtyard.


Xiayu Kindergarten


Designer: Zhuang Shen (Atelier Deshaus,

Where: Huale Rd, Qingpu, Shanghai, China

Concept: To humanise and create a friendly atmosphere in the space which is otherwise surrounded by vacant lots, uncertainty and randomness is evoked through spatial tension.

Client: Qingpu New Town

POI: An elevated high passes on the eastern side allowing the form to be seen from various eye levels, altitudes and speeds.


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