PART 1: Australia in the Asian Century – White Paper

How does the Paper impact your understanding of Design in Asia and your role/ opportunity as a designer?

The, White Paper-Australia in the Asian Century, released by the Australian Government in 2012, highlights the necessities required in order for Australia to prosper from the ever expanding region of Asia.

From reading the paper I came to understand and realise the prosperity that comes from working within such a field of design as the opportunities that are arising are plentiful. This is solely due to the Governments efforts to introduce ongoing reform and investment in skills and education, innovation and infrastructure; as well as Asia’s widespread commitment to investing in people with the right skill-set.

Although there is a strong swing to the minerals and the mining industry within the present day, predictions suggest that Asia has a growing affluence  for creative industries and the arts, and thus giving predictions as to the future of Asian based markets.

Whilst Asia is continually growing, Australia too must show growth otherwise we could be pushed aside and forgotten.  Thankfully though, if this paper is any indication to the future, design will continue to be a rapidly expanding and emerging industry and thus, the world will reap the rewards.


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