Week 2 Homework: Part 1 – Reading

Design in Asia, it seems after reading the ‘White Paper – Australia in the Asian Century’, is an area that is as diverse and full of opportunities as the culture of the region and the region itself. The extremely rapid growth in the region leads to a wealth of ways in which designers are needed, from infrastructure and systems to innovative new products as fuel for increasing consumer demand.

Asia’s emergence as a hub of productivity, manufacturing and people power, and Australia’s convenient close proximity to Asia, are the perfect combination for designers, enabling international work opportunities and creating plenty of design needs to be attended to.

Australia is set to interact more and more with Asia, trading everything from goods to people to ideas, and this is most fortuitous for designers, because we will have a greatly increased number of ways in which we can engage with our neighbouring countries and the rich cultural experiences they can provide us with.

As a designer, the paper presents a particular fascination to me, because (due to Asia being within our geographical vicinity) it tells of how we are predicted to engage in closer relationships with the region than ever before, and gives a broad and exciting look at the career prospects that Asia may hold in the not-too-distant future.


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