Week 2 Part 1 – Response of the white paper

After reading the “white Paper”, i truely believe Australia can work with and cope with other Asian countries in the very soon future. As an asian i personally find it easy and happy to get in touch with the Aussies. Though we have different thoughts and way of thinking, we are always willing to help and learn from each others.

During this 2 past decades, lots of countries in Asia region are fast growing. The economic growth  between these countries are in alarming raise. More opportunities and resources are developed which leads to country itself becoming wealthy and cosmopolitan.

In terms of design, it is a big part of the development of a country. From the macro point of view to the micro, it is still a crucial element which cannot be ignored by all means. The design of the city infrastructure, transportation system, sustainable service design.. even narrow to .. more chairs are needed.


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