Week 3

Part 1: Creative Reflection


Initial sketch for a sculpture which communicates “The Economic rise of Asia”.

My general understanding of the course thus far centres largely on Asia’s astounding financial growth over the last 30 years to become an economic powerhouse and the results of this, forming new opportunities for people around the globe, especially those in the region.

Part 2: Making-Concept to Sculpture

To turn this into a sculpture, Machine tools could be used to cut an initial stencil of the sculpture and many repeated shapes and forms. This would allow the sculpture to be gradually built it up through layering the shapes to provoke a 3D form and engage/convey the meaning to the viewer. Also, the technique of “Model making” to turn the sculpture concept into an actual object is one that I find interesting.

Part 3: Workshop Machine

Band Saw


Machine Name: Band Saw

Building Number & street: Building 49-Franklin st

What procedure is there to book in for the machine?

To book this machine you must go to the workshop and see a staff member, they will allocate you a time and date for a session to train you to use the Band saw.

What assistance do you need?

The Band saw can be operated by one person, and following the training session, you do not need formal assistance of any kind. If in doubt, seek their assistance on any queries when operating the saw.

What sort of material can you use in this machine?

There are two Band saws in the building 49 workshop, one of which is used primarily for wood, the other for a wider range of materials. E.g. plastics etc.

What are the steps to using this machine?

A one on one training session is required along with the online workshop induction tests.

What do you need to be careful of?

When operating the saw, you must be careful of your hands and the blade when the saw is vibrating and when manoeuvring material. Also, you must be careful of baggy/long clothes and long hair as they can get stuck in the machine and cause bodily damage. Appropriate PPE should be worn when in the workshop at all times to lessen the risk of eye and ear damage.


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