Part 1 – Concept sketch and creative reflection.



Asian furniture design. Specialised in Japanese wood crafting furniture. Focusing on how the components can be joint without screws and nails. Also i’m interested in complex forms which can be a piece of furniture in the same time.







I did quite a lot of research based on the Japanese wood joinery and these are some of the basics i sketched down. I learnt different kinds of ways to lock wood pieces. And some of the above are my design of wood joinery.




This is another design i came up with. It is a transformable and expandable pendant lamp where LED strips are stored inside the joint s between pieces and pieces.



Part 2 – Methods of production

Since all the designs above are mainly in wooden basis, Most of them can be produced in workshops within using various machines. Some of them require CNC machine processing because of the organic shapes and forms also for big pieces as well. Depends on the complexity of your design, different axis of CNC processes are used. Those CNC machines in workshops in RMIT are mainly 4 axis which couldn’t do “under draft”. For the designs that requires a huge amount of wood sticks which can be found in Bunnings and wood warehouses, Bandsaw and Hex saw are normally used for cutting them into desired length. A table saw is responsible for trimming a particular face of a piece of timber. In some cases, small area with special angle that you wanted to cut can hardly be processed by machines, hence you can use power tools for easier control. For the process of refining, sanding wheels and belts are useful and with a angle grinder for surface finishing.

Part 3 – Resources

Gossard Workshop in Bld 49 and workshop in bld 8 level 7
If you wish to make bookings for the machines, you first have to get you file ready, for instance if the machine that you’re booking is the CNC machine, You have to have your solidworks file ready, then go find the workshop assistance and tell them what your project is, show them your file. Then they’ll help you to convert it into Rhino. Probably with run it 2 or 3 times to make sure it is safe for the machine to process. After the program is settled, they will book you in as earliest as available. Get you material ready and be there on time.

Safety precautions

Never get into the restricted area after the machine starts processing, press the stop button immediately if you witness something’s wrong and find the workshop assistants.



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