Week 2 Asian base design













Floor lamp by aunt & amelung


A concept of a beam cranes across the lampshade, and having a sand bag at the bottom join to the stick. To move the sandbag in different position can make the light having four different position.



MCE Lamp by Note design Studio


It was inspired by a artist M.C.Escher, so it named MCE Lamp. It was inspire by artist’s famous “impossible structures”. This shape weren’t special, but it can hold a Glass ball strongly and Safety.



Glow design by Agustina Bottoni


It is a tea pot design, the concept of using the small candle is to maximize the luminance and heat potential, a tea can be hit up in hours or more. To using the shape of the bottle, can make the tea stays in the bottle and fill out the tea. The cup design has a similar style to the candle, having a small cover with a filter design.


chessalfiere 1

Chess Stools by Giogio banaguro for Icons Furniture


This design for icons furniture wants to give a playful interpretation to this kind of furniture. This product has been taking inspiration by chess, they want to enphatize shapes and characteristics of the chess pieces, so that people can use it in game aswell.


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