Week 3 – Product Design



This is a Japanese Sushi plate. Having an inspiration of Japanese small bridge in the garden. The materials of use are wood, it reflect to Japanese tradition. It a concept of joining small wood board together on a wood base. and dig a curve shape on the side of the wood base to fill in the sauce.

To turn into a final work, you can use saw bench and band Saw to create the wood board, and using wood joinery to join the board together or using stainless strew to joint the wood board and the base together.

Saw Bench


The bench can be find at the workshop located in Building 8. To use it, you can email to the workshop to tells about your interest of using the machine. To use this machine, if your work are very complex, they might do the work for u and ask for another time to grab your work. If the work that you are doing are quite simple, they will ask u to do a training section to quickly get on to it.


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