Week 3 Design Concept


Throughout the course, I have come to discover that historical Asian design is what is mostly attributed to as Asian design, because of its distinct style. While modern Asian design, incorporates influences from other cultures to bring out a modern style. This design incorporates Asian design and western design by incorporating Chinese lanterns into a design inspired by western chandeliers.

CNC milling would be used to create the octagonal wooden piece which the lanterns are hung upon, as well the frame of the lanterns. The frame of the lanterns would be separated into four identical pieces and milled separately, and later joined with a strong glue. After the frame is assembled, the lighting is wired in. The red paper covering would be cut by hand and glued onto the assembled lantern frame, then gold strips added on top to hide the edges of the red paper covering.

The CNC machine can be found in Building 8 or Building 49. To use the CNC machine, first get you design approved by the technician. Once approved, the technician will upload the file and begin the milling.


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