Week 5 – Articles summary 2 + comparison

Culture-Based Knowledge Towards New Design Thinking and Practice – A Dialogue

This article is based on the dialogue conversation between the two authors Benny Ding Leong and Hazel Clark mainly discussing about the idea of how new design thinking should be and should cultural elements be involved. At the beginning they brought up the idea of “designing from the basis of cultural knowledge and understanding. Contemporary design can be divided into 2 main categories. The first one is “Design based on local cultural characteristics which tradition and style of that particular country can be noticeably shown through designs. The second one is design following the mainstream which basically means the Western style of design.

Benny has been working on this topic for couple of years already. He was born in HongKong, a place where combines the Eastern and Western culture since it was the colony of the English before regression to China. He advocates the idea of the real meaning of design, whether it is a marketing product, modernisation tool or a way of improving quality of life. He suggested that people should start re-comprehensing the traditional Chinese design while Western design thinking should be revised and reoriented as well as Chinese traditional creative thinking should take place. He also believes that cultural knowledge could enrich contemporary design theory and underpin innovation in design practice, providing an alternative to Western design that would have international application. He mentioned that design values can be attached by economic, political and cultural reasons which might be a clue to why Western culture is much more desirable and being advanced and “modern”. Moreover, the choice of a new design strategy is not about aggressive ” progression” and spiritual ” transcendence ” , but about strength gathering and harmonisation.

A successful design is the consideration of demand from people. Hence, it can be perceived as Cultural cognition( core knowledge )> Cultural integration>Design criteria( value orientation )



Both articles share simular design core values and emphasis the importance of cultural impact to asian design. However, The design, Development, Culture and Cultural legacies in Asia article mentions more about the current and potential crisis of 3 world countries in Asia in terms of design because the main stream is on Western design in first world counties. The Cultural-Based Knowledge Towards New Design Thinking and Practise article is more based on the study of the Author which concisely pointing out design values, culture influences towards design and approaches that Asian country should make promptly for contemporary modern design bared with culture characteristics. All in all, they both mention the difference between Western design and Asian design based on the aspect of culture, economic, main stream etc. with suggestions following while one is more straight to the point and the other is more abstract and hidden.


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