Week 5 (Bali)

Part 2a – Country Research (Bali)

1 –  Rustic By Design in Bali

Link to article: http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424127887324352004578132190496416224#1 
Designers: Architect Felipe González Jiménez de la Espada and his wife Mersuka Dopazo Gascón, an interior designer and artist.
Design Concept: This rustic home sits on nearly half an acre and faces verdant paddy fields. It is located in Canggu, a quiet village on Bali’s southern coast. Architect Felipe González Jiménez de la Espada and his wife Mersuka Dopazo Gascón, an interior designer and artist, bought the house in February with the intention of renovating and selling it. The couple are originally from Madrid and rented a home in Bali previously. The villa was two years old when they bought it. ‘It was initially for rent,’ Mr. González Jiménez de la Espada said. ‘They sold it to us for 700,000 euros (about $897,000).’The owners said the eclectic interiors have a homey feel with a mix of modern amenities. Wood floors made from recycled fishing-village huts were used to cover most of the home’s original marble floors.The painting in the guest bathroom pictured here is by one of the local artists represented by the couple’s gallery in Canggu.
What market is it targeting? The property was intended to be a home, not a vacation villa, Mr. González Jiménez de la Espada said, and is likely to appeal to expatriate families.


2 – The Green Village / PT Bambu


Link to article: http://www.archdaily.com/296667/the-green-village-pt-bambu/
Designer: http://ibuku.com/
Design concept: Located within walking distance to the Green School was designed and constructed based on the architectural concepts of sustainable principles and artisan craftsmanship that helped create the world famous Green School campus. “We are committed to changing people’s perspective on the infinite potential of bamboo,” Hardy says. “Creating spaces where people can feel connected to nature without disrupting it is a thrilling design challenge for me.” Green School, PT Bamboo Pure, and Green Village are the main anchors of the green development area), which are interconnected with each other, to create a green zone which sustain themselves. The Bamboo houses are designed and built around the natural contours of each plot with rare views of the river front and the volcanoes of Bali. The concept is to create beautiful living spaces, in which people can live where luxury and comfort fit into natural landscapes. We have many homeowners from around the world who value what we do and believe in our ethos that we can combine sustainability and style without destroying the environment in which we live.
Where/who is it designed for? The Green Village is designed for desire a relaxing environment around them whilst maintaining a sustainable and creative design outcome. Also being connected (but separate) to the Green School, it appeals to the entire community to come together in a similar atmosphere which is created in harmony between architecture and nature. 

3 – Puri Buwana


Link: http://www.cempaka.biz/index.php/puri-buwana 
Designer: Cempaka http://www.cempaka.biz/index.php/projects
Design Concept: Our furniture and accessories are inspired by contemporary form, but pay homage to the rich heritage of artists and craftsmen in Indonesia. The craftsmen here have long been recognised for their incredible skill and ability, passed down through generations. Add to this the diverse and rich cultural influences on this part of the world from Chinese traders to the Europeans in search of spices to the wide influences of Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism. This combination of influences and skills provides us with the opportunity to design, inspire and produce some of the finest and most beautiful products in the world.
Where/who is it designed for? Those interested in the nature based creative design which brings with it harmonious tones and emotive influences, such as relaxation. 




Link to article: http://www.indesignlive.com/articles/projects/luna-2-studios-bali#axzz2y3y3qs70
Designer:  Melanie Hall, Luna 2 http://www.luna2.com/studios
Design Concept: Named after the first spacecraft to reach the surface of the Moon, Luna 2 Studio makes a bold leap away from the ubiquitous ‘modern Balinese’ style resorts and villas on the island of Bali in Indonesia. Designed by owner Melanie Hall, the ‘studiotel’ evokes a strong sense of nostalgia with its modernist-inspired interiors. Luna 2 Studio’s facade harks back to the ‘60s with its circular forms, and iconic art references are present throughout the interior, including a wall-mounted installation in the lobby (top image) inspired by the work of Dutch artist Piet Mondrian. Bright primary colours punctuate the stark white walls, while geometrical patterns, bright furnishings and accessories, and walnut detailing come together to create a warm and vibrant spaces. Perhaps not to everyone’s taste, the flagrant disregard for convention is handled playfully with the cacophony of colours defying any visitor to leave ambivalent!
Where/who is it for: People interested in a nostalgic trip back to an atmosphere entirely influenced by the 60s combined with the flow and relaxation of Bali inspired flow. 


Infographic data sourced from previous student. 



5 Further infographics (as links):


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