Design Products – China

Waterwheel Washing Machine


Waterwheel Washing Machine combines elements of the Chinese traditional water wheel and the modern spinning washing machine. The periphery of the washing machine is inset with vanes, which are hit by the flowing river water and drive the machine. The body of machine is divided into three separate ‘cabins’, which allow three families or individuals do their laundry at the same time. Within each cabin, triangular ridges of timber assist with agitating the garments.


Alpine Escape



Following in the footsteps of the world’s first cloned village, a Chinese developer has announced plans to build yet another copy of the historic Alpine town of Hallstatt to offer an idyllic rural retreat for those looking for a quick, convenient escape from China’s polluted urban centers. However this latest resort will go one step further to replicate the Austrian countryside – it will be housed within an extraordinary 11,880-foot-high geodesic dome that will provide visitors with ‘freshly’ imported Alpine air.

The developer hopes that the unique resort will attract visitors eager to escape from Beijing’s escalating pollution by providing—literal—atmospheric luxury. The developer is far from the first to attempt to capitalize on Beijing’s growing air pollution—earlier this year billionaire Chen Guangbiao announced plans to launch a line of canned air to provide relief to residents of the smog-filled city. But while Chen’s proposal was widely considered to be a relatively modest awareness-raising exercise, the plans for the rather un-originally named “Hallstatt 3″ appear so far to be entirely genuine.

There are no details available as to how the crisp Alpine air will be imported to Hallstatt 3, though it seems likely given the controlled environment within the dome that there will be significant conditioning, filtration and recycling of the air. The village will be filled with the same species of trees and plants one can find in the Austrian village, although various constraints will prevent the artificially constructed mountains from reaching the hight of the real ones. Although the precise matching of the Alpine climate will allow for a replication of the local ecosystems, concerns have been raised that this could impact winter-time tourism.

Hallstatt Mayor Alexander Scheutz has yet to comment on the proposals—while he was initially opposed to Hallstatt 2, he was reported to have warmed to the idea by the time of the village’s opening last summer. But with concerns that Hallstatt 2 would “copy everything” from the historic Austrian village, the notion of a clone that not only duplicates architecture, but also air, flora and fauna may make some in Austria more than a little uncomfortable.

Construction is set to begin on May 1st 2013, and the developers intend to complete the village and its encapsulating dome within 140 days, eclipsing the already rapid one-year-long construction of Hallstatt 2.



Portable wind solar complementary system





product: portable wind solar complementary system
manufacturer: dongqi investment & development co.,ltd
designer: chengdu iding industrial design co.,ltd

 recyclable resources is a national problem in domestic in china nowadays, therefore to create a the awareness of consumption over the consumption level is very important. this portable wind solar complementary system of wind power generator rated power 400w, solar photovoltaic panel rated power 90w. it is designed smartly to be assembled, so that it can save space, and only two men can work together to move, disassemble and assemble. it is specifically designed for the herdsmen and those of mobility for their outdoor activities. the means of utilizing the electricity energy transformed from the natural resources brings great economics value. the hull and stands are all recyclable.



Fire-fighting robot
Product:Fire-fighting robot
Manufacturer:Suzhou HANDLER Special Vehicle Co.Ltd
The Fire-fighting Robot uses one special functional modeling language to show the characteristics of the fire truck: strong, powerful and fearless. It fulfuils the function of spraying, ejecting smoke and puting out fire. At the same time, it constructs a completely new image of the fire fighting robot which showing the best  result of displaying functional design concept.
This vehicle is used for fire fighting, can be remote controlled to reach the dangerous places that firefighters cannot reach. It can protect the firefighters, also improve efficiency. When using long-distance remote control, enter into the fire fighting place, the vehicle can spray water mist, remove smoke dust, spray water or foam.

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