Week 5-Country Research Indonesia

City Infrastructure Development


Jakarta Monorail Project

Designer/developer : PT Jakarta Monorail

The Jakarta Monorail is a planned 29 km (18 mi) two-line monorail system in Jakarta, Indonesia that is under construction and supposed to open in 2015. The project was revived in February 2013 after earlier construction had started in 2004 but was abandoned in 2008 due to financial problems and legal disputes. The Jakarta administration has decided to continue its plan to use the concrete columns of the abandoned monorail project as part of an elevated bus rapid transit (BRT) project. It is reckon that the elevated BRT would be more costly than the one that already operated on the ground. But it would be cheaper than continuing with the monorail.

Since the traffic congestion is a major problem for the city development aspect, the government decided to build a up-rise transportation system (Monorail) for relief. It is indeed a alarming problem that has to be solved promptly because the population of Indonesia is at a unbelievably tremendous index. One of my Indonesian friend who lives in Jakarta said ” If you want to travel … let say the distance from the CBD to Richmond in Jakarta, It takes you almost 2 hours by car. Look back into the project, however, the cost of construction is over budget. It was then stagnated until the new solution arised- The BRT  project.

Furniture craftsmanship


King Bed

Designer : KUS NADI

Kus Nadi Designs are made from 100 percent recycled timber, the timber is sourced from beautiful ancient houses and bridges found throughout Indonesia. The houses were built many years ago using the teak trees they were surrounded by. The houses are being pulled down and replaced by more modern houses. Kus Nadi and his team salvage the timber from these antique and historical homes. The furnitures are all made from the very best quality timber which has been dried throughout the time the houses were standing, sometimes around 75 years.

Kus Nadi Designs values tradition, quality and nature, keeping the history of the wood and preserving its authentic and refreshingly unrefined style. Each piece is crafted by skilled hands in a small Indonesian workshop and you can be guaranteed that each piece is a “one off” and unique like no other. This is what makes Kus Nadi so popular, sought after and valuable, as it cannot be replicated.

Target market
World wide since it is available online now and local. For people who loves nature and ancient style of design also supporting environmental friendly idea.

Indonesian Interior Design

boathouse exterior 02

Floating House

Designer : Dymitr Malcew

The Floating House is a luxurious independent mobile house Built on the sea that can transported to different locations in Bali Indonesia. It offers 2 luxurious bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, kitchen and generous terrace.
The project was based around the idea of minimally impacting its surroundings, while still offering an ‘out of the ordinary’ experience.The concept  is inspired by nature, openness and luxurious yet easy lifestyle. The seamless connection with surroundings is achieved with minimal intervention, offering highest level of sustainability.

The interior rooms all have direct access to the terrace around its perimeter, enabling the outside world to blend in. the base is constructed of a buoyant platform that gently moves from place to place, while the roof is carried by a system of columns separated from a glass curtain wall. This solution allows for micro-movements caused by the uneven water surface the house sits on, and also penetrates high-levels of natural light into the calming space.The base of the house is constructed of floating platform, and can be easily moved from one place to another which gives great flexibility of location. Also the internal arrangement of the house including size, program, materials and finishes can be customized depending on client needs.

Target market

The Floating house was designed for people who appreciate freedom and nature at their doorstep and French developer specialized in floating structures.

boathouse interior 02

Indonesian Textile


Indonesian batik
Design company : Alleira

Indonesian Batik is famous of its color varieties , patterns and the actual smell. The word batik is thought to be derived from the word ‘ambatik’ which translated means ‘a cloth with little dots’. It is a fashion that can represent Indonesia of its cultural characteristics and tradition. The method of tessellation is used within its diversity which includes packing trigonometric shapes together into a form of pattern. No wonder Fabric design and manufacturing is one of the main industry in Indonesia.

The vision and mission of Alleira Batik is to raised batik so it became part of the world culture and make batik as an international fashion with high quality design and materials. Alleira Batik produces unique, modern and high quality Indonesian Batik. A good quality of batik process as Indonesian heritage is our priority.



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