Week 5 (Japan)




Link to article: http://www.indesignlive.sg/articles/products/caravel-by-kokuyo
Designer: Kokuyo – kokuyo.com.my
Design Concept: The simple and yet refine technology help support our lumbar back based on its three-dimensional back design. With the back and seat rest in mesh finished, it helps to dispersed unwanted heat thus it creates the unparalleled comfort without feeling the heat from long period of seating. Weighing just 4.1kg, is easy to configure and manage, simply click them together to link them up, or just lift up slowly to unlink them. Caravel can be stack away as and when you want it and transport them using a dolly. With pure white or elegant black colors to choose from, it suits against any backdrop. With Caravel, comfort has a new name.
Where/who is it designed for: Caravel is ideal for all kind of environment, from seminar room, training room, meeting room, cafeteria and multi-purpose hall. 




Link to article: http://www.indesignlive.com/articles/projects/japanese-waves-at-the-races#axzz2y3y3qs70
Designer: Hecker Guthrie – http://www.heckerguthrie.com/
Design Concept: With this the designers were eager to create a Pavilion that reflects growing importance of the Japanese car industry, as well as the culture’s rich and unique aesthetics; as Paul Hecker comments, “traditionally the Japanese car industry may have been seen as secondary to the European industry but the Japanese aesthetic is so strong that we felt we needed to tap into Japanese fashion, materiality, origami, architecture, theatre, opera”.Thus the starting point was an idea behind pattern and graphics. The designers explored an iconic pattern from a Japanese print from the 19th Century – the infamous ’Wave off Kanagawa’ – and pixelated it to create an echo of the original in a contemporary form. This also gave cues for colour palette and informed the materiality for the space, which centred on humble materials such as plywood, pine, ceramic and paper.
Where/who is it designed for: Designed for a car concept booth to reflect the development of the Japanese car industry and culture that influences it. 


3 – Wa-Rousoku



Link to article: http://uguisustore.com/blogs/news?page=3
Designer: http://www.murata.com/corporate/ad/article/metamorphosis16/works/index.html Kiyoshi Tanji of Tanji Renshodo, a candle shop which has been engaged in traditional candle making for four generations. 
Design Concept: Japanese candles  are completely handmade, made of 100% vegetable wax such as “HAZE” -laquer tree seed wax- or “NUKA” -rice bran wax- and washi paper is used for the core, they are made in the techniques and materials that have not changed since 16th century. These candles give very little smoke and a brighter light compared to modern paraffin candles, and they go down so well with almost no drip and no smell that modern paraffin candles have when put out. Floral painted candles are originated in Tohoku (north east part of Japan), during their harsh winter it used to be very hard to get fresh flowers so people started to paint flowers on the candles and used them for the Buddhist altar at their homes as alternatives to fresh flowers. 
Where/who is it designed for: the candles were originally designed for the Buddhist altar at their homes as an alternative to actual flowers, however now these types of candles market to anyone interested in the harmony and warmth it generates. 

4 – Cylinder Hurricane on Metal Stand



Link to article:http://www.houzz.com/photos/8058265/Cylinder-Hurricane-on-Metal-Stand-contemporary-candles-and-candle-holders- 
Designer: Dayna B. https://www.elance.com/q/inspiration-center/dayna-b-freelancer-case-study 
Design Concept: Originally designed to keep candles lit and upright during storms and high winds, influenced by the Japanese who required light in bad weather. Hurricanes are tall, glass encased holders that have stayed true to their up-bringing, albeit with a lot more spunk. Create the right ambiance with beautiful illumination. Striking hurricane-style candle holder is supported on a metal stand design and holds one pillar candle, aside from its traditional roots, nowadays such a style candle sets off just the right mood for a romantic evening, taking a bath or simply relaxing on your porch or deck on a starry night. Includes sturdy metal frame and glass pillar candle holder.
Where/who is it designed for: designed for those who seek relaxing ambiance and harmonious presence from a candle.  

Infographic data sourced from previous student. 









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