Week 5 – Country Research South Korea







Lotte World Tower

Design : KPF (Kohn Pedersen Fox)

Link : http://www.kpf.com/project.asp?S=1&ID=138

Design Concept : An inspiration of from Korean tradition art forms in the design of the various interior program spaces, the sleek tapered form 123-story tower will stand out from the city’s rocky mountainous topography. The tower was organized around of mixture of office, comprising retail, officentel and hotel. The design melds a modern aesthetic with forms was inspired by the historic Korean arts of ceramics, porcelain, and calligraphy.


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Circle or Dot

Design : GIHAWOO

Link : http://gihawoo.tistory.com/category/2011

Design Concept : A Korean design has always being very playful, from this design people can easily tell its a playful design. When the designer are designing this, having an idea of those people who work in front of table, when they need to sharp their pencil, the sharpener are always the hardest thing to find on a messy desk. So the designer want to make it easier to find, so he had an idea of designing on the cover of the trash can, and its also easier to throw the rubbish in the bin.


2 c-083


Constrained ball

Design : GIHAWOO

Link : http://gihawoo.tistory.com/category/2010?page=2

Design Concept : A little industrial design. Helping people to drawn a straight line without a ruler. Having a unique shape for a pencil or pen, putting a spinning circle thing at the bottom parts to easier to row with an angle which can actually works. The designer feels lazy to use a ruler to draw a straight line, and feeling sick of counting the length for the line, so the designer wants to design an easy way to draw straight line, and also being working on drawing those industrial design.


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Butter! Butter!

Design : Yeong Keun Jeong

Link : http://yeongkeun.com/works

Design Concept : It is an innovative take on portable butter. Each container has a built-in knife that eliminates the hassle of bringing your own cutlery. A smart design of solving those people who always forget the Knife from the supplier. It is a design of having a mixture of Jam Knife and those package Sauce. Also a fun playful design which reflect to Korean Design. Different color can reflect on different kind of dipping sauce.


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