Week 5 Homework – Part 2 (India)

Four Design Projects from India

1. ‘The Humble Pen’
• The Designer: Kiba Design, http://www.kibadesign.in/242067/profile
• The Design Rationale/Concept: A pen that is eco-friendly, with a metal section that can be reused, while the rest of the pen is made of recyclable material.
• The Client: Kiba Design, http://www.kibadesign.in/242067/profile

2. The ‘Lynx’
• The Designer: http://www.empoise.com/web/about.htm
• The Design Rationale/Concept: A durable, portable device that is able to compute on the move, to help with daily data storage and retrieval tasks.
• The Client: http://www.empoise.com/web/about.htm
• The device is shaped somewhat like a graphics calculator, and has protective covering to save it from damage caused by bumps.

3. ‘Banking Kiosk’
• The Designer: Cluster One, http://www.cluster-one.net/index.php
• The Design Rationale/Concept: A kiosk designed for online banking that can operate as an independent machine.
• The Client: HDFC Bank, http://www.hdfcbank.com/personal/index

4. The ‘Emergency Lantern’
• The Designer: Bang Design, http://www.bang.co.in/
• The Design Rationale/Concept: A lantern designed to address the issue of the lack of lighting and power in many areas of India.
• The Client: Amara Raja Electronics, http://www.amararajaelectronics.com/index.html
• The lantern has several modes, to save power and also to suit what it is being used for.


Information on India (Relevant to the Design Industry)

  • It is predicted that the population of India will overtake that of China during the year 2028.
  • It is estimated that there are over one thousand different languages throughout India.
  • Of the world’s ten biggest cities, there are three in India.
  • The biggest film industry in the world is in India.
  • India is the biggest democracy on Earth. In the previous election, 417,037,606 votes were cast.

(Miller 2014)


Miller, S 2014, Ten ‘big facts’ about India, viewed 8 April 2014, <http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-25881705>.


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