Week 5 Homework – Part 2 (Japan)

Four Design Projects from Japan

  1. ‘ASIMO’
  2. The ‘UNI-CUB’
    • The Designer: Honda Motor Co., http://world.honda.com/index.html
    • The Design Rationale/Concept: This is a device that one sits upon, and can move around on by moving their weight. It can move in any direction, and is designed to be sat upon, but it doesn’t lower you too much to the ground.
    • The Client: Honda Motor Co., http://world.honda.com/index.html
  3. The ‘Un-BRELLA’
    • The Designer: Hiroshi Kajimoto, http://hiroshi-kajimoto.com/?lang=en
    • The Design Rationale/Concept: The traditional design of the umbrella is one that opens facing the user. The Un-BRELLA, however, does the opposite, meaning that when it is folded up, it does not drip everywhere like traditional umbrellas do. Additionally, when folded up, it is freestanding.
    • The Client: H concept, http://www.h-concept.jp/index.html
  4. The ‘Stamug’
    • The Designer: Metaphys, http://www.metaphys.jp/
    • The Design Rationale/Concept: Usually, mugs are difficult to stack, meaning that they take up excessive space in the cupboard. The Stamug, however, is a stackable mug, meaning it takes up less space while not compromising on the amount it can hold.
    • The Client: Metaphys, http://www.metaphys.jp/

Information on Japan (Relevant to the Design Industry)

  • The literacy rate of the country is almost one hundred percent.
  • There are approximately 1.5 thousand earthquakes per year in Japan.
  • In the world, the biggest producer of cars is Japan.
  • Rice cookers are more likely to be found in the home than ovens.
  • In the lives of the majority of Japanese people, religion does not have a major part.

(Facts About Japan 2014) References: Facts About Japan 2014, Interesting Facts About Japan, viewed 8 April 2014, <http://www.facts-about-japan.com/interesting.html>.


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