Week 5 part 2 Thailand

1) http://www.coroflot.com/gaspardproject


Nest chair

designer : rush pleansuk

Materials and method: This chair is made of woven golden teak and ash wood

Client: Plato http://platoform.com/products/nest-chair/




Korakot Srivakorn – Thailand’s most successful businesswoman
Seng Bandityanond- Landscape Architect
Duangrit Bunnag -Architect
Korakot Srivakorn along with husband Seng Bandityanond and friend and architect Duangrit Bunnag worked together in designing their residential home in Thailand’s capital city of Bangkok. Their philosophy is timeless simplicity and their design approach modern and functional. When designing their home they wanted to achieve a seamless transition from the outdoor to the indoor living, with almost all of the spaces having vantage points on to a tropical garden through vast glass panes, including the seven metre high hallway glass doors that open on to the terrace. Also incorporated is a hidden meditation room on the third floor with a view of their orchard and plant nursery, again creating that unity in the surrounding soundscape. The interior of the house is filled with warm timbers and neutral greys which creates a seamless connection to the outdoor environment.
In my opinion i feel they have done an excellent job in create that seamless transition from the indoor to the outdoor environment. The colour scheme inside the house is kept simple as they have already got an abundance of colour and movement in the natural environment.

Scan 23 Scan 24




Romanian designer Iorgulescu Vlad Paul

“Outdoor Thai Chair”

The design rational is to be sustainable by using locally sourced materials, in this case being bamboo. The chair is designed to be used by the beach and is designed with bamboo fibre back straps to sustain the boys weight while also allowing the skin to breath in the heat. I chose this because i thought it interesting to see a tourists view on what Thai design is, i feel he’s made a good decision with the materials, but something about the shape does not seem to look thai or perhaps its just lacking some form of traditional input.




Able Architects

cultural centre

Phuket’s first self-sustaining cultural centre and live museum dedicated to preserving the island’s sea gypsy traditions

Designed for the Phuket Department of Public Works and Planning

made possible by government funding.

sea gypsies: hunter-gatherers known as Moken people is a term generalised to all Austronesian speaking tribes who inhabit the coast and islands in the Andaman Sea on the west coast of Thailand.



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