Projects across Thailand Wk 5

 Butterfly Huts


Humanitarian design organization TYIN Tegnestue from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology conceived the project in response to a need for more dormitories for Karen refugee children in the village of Noh Bo on the Thai-Burmese border. The six woven bamboo huts, dubbed Soe Ker Tie, or The Butterfly Huts because of their “winged” appearance were designed with the children’s happiness and health in mind. As simple as these new dorms may seem, they provide something wonderful for a growing child – a space to call their own to learn, sleep and play in. This small luxury is one that so many of us take for granted but makes a huge difference in the development and happiness of these youngsters.

Aside from giving 24 orphans brand new homes, the huts are pre-fabricated and assembled on site with sustainability in mind. Most of the bamboo used is harvested locally and woven in the same way that is traditional to the area. The special flapped roof of the Soe Ker Tie House is conducive to natural ventilation. Since the roof also collects rainwater, areas around the huts are more useful during the rainy season, and water can be stored during drier periods. Using foundations cast in repurposed tires, each hut is raised above ground level preventing issues that could arise due to moisture and decay.

“After a six month long mutual learning process with the locals in Noh Bo we hope that we have left something useful behind. Important principles like bracing, material economization and moisture prevention may possibly lead to a more sustainable building tradition in the future,” says TYIN of their experience. To balance out the success of their endeavor, they also point a negative aspect of the project. Since most of the materials used are delivered by the Karen National Union on the Burmese side of the border, their dependency on tropic timber has led to a line of difficult and complex problems which they hope to find solutions for in the future.



 Moving Schools 001



Located in the town of Mae Sot, MOVING Schools 001 was created through the joint effort of architecture professionals, a social enterprise, volunteers from around the world, kids and adults.

Located in the town of Mae Sot, MOVING Schools 001 was created through the joint effort of architecture professionals, a social enterprise, volunteers from around the world, kids and adults. This diverse group worked together to create a learning shelter in an area afflicted by decades of armed conflict. The mobile school is made from a bolted steel structure and panels made from fast-growing bamboo, and it was designed for easy disassembly.

The project utilizes traditional bamboo building techniques, and the concrete-free foundations and made from reclaimed tires filled with compacted gravel. The unique roof is a tensile fabric (instead of tin/zinc), which lasts longer, can be easily taken down, and produces less noise from the impact of Thailand‘s heavy rains. The construction of this new bamboo school was a learning experience for the architects, the volunteers, and the entire community.




Corner 43 décor.


Corner 43 Décor is a luxury furniture and home accessories company.

Corner 43 Décor was established in 1987 with the mission to create beautiful contemporary furniture, using native raw materials, and local wisdom”

Hand crafted furniture using traditional skills and techniques, using Rattan and other local materials


Dome House



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