Philippine Design Company



Design Company: CSM Philippines

Since CSM’s establishment in 1994, from a modest beginning, our products have found their way to many prominent and leading companies (retail and wholesale) selling home decor ware in the United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and other parts of Asia, the Middle East, Carribean Islands, and Indian Ocean. Our handmade fine bone china are frequently featured in many prestigious home accent/decor publications across the globe. Our products have been acknowledged for their high quality and artistic flair, and the designs described as exquisite and inimitable.

Bone china is considered as the finest type of porcelain. Calcined bone ash makes up 50% of fine bone china’s properties. Without this ash component, the item is not considered as ‘authentic’ fine bone china. It has its own inherent qualities which are not found in most porcelain, most significant are:

It has a silky white color compared to the common grayish color of porcelain.
It is much more translucent than porcelain and tends to glow when lighted up from the inside
It exudes a special aura when kept in a specially lighted space.
It can be made thinner and finer-looking without sacrificing durability
By history, it has a reputation as expensive and is associated with wealth and royalty
The production of handmade fine bone china requires a long and complex process by a skilled team of artisans following only the highest standards of quality. This contributes to its high demand and luxury status in the market. CSM adheres to the same formula perfected by Josiah Spode, a renowned English potter in the late 18th century.








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