China & Singapore – Areas of Study (Transport)


China – Land Airbus

To solve the terrible congestion problems that occur on a day to day basis in some of China’s major cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai. A very similar design was developed for American use was created with by Shenzhen Hashi Future Parking Equipment Co. but did not eventuate. This updated version makes use of recently developed and improved technologies such as partially solar powered, new safety systems and better stability through rail design.


China – Xiao EN-V

An Australian design (designed in Port Melbourne!) created specifically for a Chinese application to reduce traffic problems. It’s a two seated, electric powered ‘pod’ that has been describes as the next evolution of the segway. Whilst the design is very much a concept design, both General Motors and Holden are behind the idea of personalised short distance transport and are expecting to see the emergence of such products by 2030.


Singapore – Gemini Family

A similar form of personal transport built for travelling small distances within the inner city of Singapore. Discussions of using such a transport medium in a public manner had arisen, more like a robotic rickshaw. T designers (Florian Abendschein, Paul Bart, Marvin Bratke, Simon Rauchbart and Daniel Tudman) created a inter-dockable concept vehicle which is able to connect with other Gemini’s to make it able to carry 4 people.


Singapore – Driverless Metro Trains

By 2030 Singapore’s city trains will be completely driver less. It is claimed that they system will run considerably more efficiently and reliably due to ruling out human error. This may sound exaggerated but with a population of five million within such a small space, there is need for incredible and precise services.




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