Design Across Taiwan

Shadow Clock_01 Shadow Clock_03 Shadow Clock_02


Shadow Clock

Designer : Hanhsi Chen & Shikai Tseng (Poetic Lab)

Design Concept : Times is always related to light, even  conceptually or experientially. It was create by using lights shines to the wall, using the shadow on the wall to see the times. It steel have three different thickness of the shadow to tells about which one is the hour hand, minute hand and the second hand.


Dining Table_01 Coffee Table_01


Bamboo forest

Designer : Hanhsi Chen & Shikai Tseng (Poetic Lab)

Design Concept : Same as what the name of the product. The designer want to create a bamboo forest feeling. Bamboo furniture is typically shaped from a very craft perspective where the beauty comes from the skill, using glass fort the table part which can easily see through, using bamboo for the leg part. A combination between elegant shapes and gentle movements.


Empty Memory_ Low Res_07 Empty Memory_ Low Res_08

Empty Memory

Designer : Hanhsi Chen & Shikai Tseng (Poetic Lab)

Design Concept : Empty Memory is a collection of unique USB memory sticks. Each design contains a physical emptiness in its sculptural form, evoking the metaphor of a blank space which can be filled with your own memory. The memory sticks are made in high quality stainless steel.


Ripple by Poetic Lab_02 Ripple by Poetic Lab_01 Poetic lab in Design Junction



Designer : Hanhsi Chen & Shikai Tseng (Poetic Lab)

Design Concept : A design not just only lamp, more about the emotion of lighting. The Ripple project studies the beauty of glass. To make this product, using both tradition glass craft skills and modern production engineering of the emoting parts. When it rotates, the differences of lights on the wall will create an emotion of it.





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