South Korea Projects


Ga On Jai

A house designed for maximum space, to keep the privacy and security of the client. It was designed with the idea of a “Madang” (Korean inner court)

Designer: IROJE KHM Architects




From me, Belongs to you only

An exhibition which explores the themes of ‘perfection’, ‘eternal life’, ‘utopia’ as well as others. Through the pieces that Lee has created over her career, such as Korean architecture, humanoid sculptures.

Artist: Lee Bul



ChonGae Canal Restoration Project

The ChonGae Canal was cleaned and transformed into an urban park and public plaza. The plaza represents unification through the use of donated stone from each of the provinces form both North and South Korea

Designer:   Mikyoung Kim Design



Yongsan Park Master Plan

Located in the center of Seoul, the military base turned national park, will be designed with the concept of healing.

Designer: West 8 + IROJE



Dongdaemun Design Plaza

The design of the building incorporates cultural artifacts of Korea as the central element of the design as well as reinterpretation of spacial concepts of traditional Korean garden design. It also includes a park as part of its landscape.

Designer: Zaha Hadid Architects



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