Debrief notes from class

You will receive the feedback from your draft submission on Monday for finalising your articles. Those who did not submit will not receive feedback.  I will be at RMIT level 5 from 5-5.30pm so please come there to hand me hard copies if you did not in class today.
You are expected to:
  • Incorporate changes
  • Insert the articles into the formatted template (attached)
  • Supply design files for collation into the book on the final submission
  • Supply 2 printed versions of your articles (printed on to A4 double sided).
Book structure:
  • Intro/Contents/Contributors/Map set up the same as last years
  • A couple of excellent articles at the start on Australia’s relationship to Asia
  • Paragraph/Font styles and layout – in template (attached)
  • Chapters defined by country, starting from the closest to Australia then moving via next door neighbours
  • Infographics at the start of each chapter
  • Pictures of installations speckled throughout the book
  • References at the end (make sure you put on a separate page in the indesign doc) for when I combine the file
  • Follow the template layout – pick and choose from the template sample pages.
Submission – USB transfer
  • Package your indesign file
    • articles
    • images
    • infographics
  • Export as an idml file
  • Export/Print as a PDF 
  • Bring $35 for publishing the book
GOOD LUCK! Please email me with any questions or if you have further to clarify or add to the above.