In an exponentially connected world our physical periphery is the new frontier. Our understanding of our neighbours from close and afar has never been more flexible, current, profitable, multiple and swiftly transforming. A Contemporary Silk Road draws on vast histories, new technologies and changing worlds.

This class will journey through the various creative nerve centres of Asia and explore the vast designscapes of scale, ingenuity and complexity. We will pass through and document incredibly rich and versatile projects and engage and question different ways of designing; we will develop our understanding of place-based design identities, manufacturing and design capacity and what makes creativity tick.


In A contemporary Silk Road we will map, engage, converse, document, create, interpret and reflect on our understandings of Asian design. Each student will drive their own learning by what you are passionate about to engage and validate your opinions, interest and broaden your understanding of what is possible. We will build on the work created in previous years and help to develop an evolving body of work.

The outcome will be to develop a creative and critical understanding of Asian Design in 2014 as part of this ongoing dialogue, constantly mapping our conversation and answering the question of­­ how we draw on this knowledge as designers for our own creativity and success.



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