Debrief notes from class

You will receive the feedback from your draft submission on Monday for finalising your articles. Those who did not submit will not receive feedback.  I will be at RMIT level 5 from 5-5.30pm so please come there to hand me hard copies if you did not in class today.
You are expected to:
  • Incorporate changes
  • Insert the articles into the formatted template (attached)
  • Supply design files for collation into the book on the final submission
  • Supply 2 printed versions of your articles (printed on to A4 double sided).
Book structure:
  • Intro/Contents/Contributors/Map set up the same as last years
  • A couple of excellent articles at the start on Australia’s relationship to Asia
  • Paragraph/Font styles and layout – in template (attached)
  • Chapters defined by country, starting from the closest to Australia then moving via next door neighbours
  • Infographics at the start of each chapter
  • Pictures of installations speckled throughout the book
  • References at the end (make sure you put on a separate page in the indesign doc) for when I combine the file
  • Follow the template layout – pick and choose from the template sample pages.
Submission – USB transfer
  • Package your indesign file
    • articles
    • images
    • infographics
  • Export as an idml file
  • Export/Print as a PDF 
  • Bring $35 for publishing the book
GOOD LUCK! Please email me with any questions or if you have further to clarify or add to the above.



Q&A_Part 2

Q – I just have one last question: is it ten projects per country, or five from each to make ten? And is it two design discourses and two design methods for each country? It one from each to make two?


A – It is ten for both countries. Two design discourses and two design methods for both countries – so four all up. Not necessarily for each country however may be related to both.
Eg – participatory design is a design method that may be utilised in a number of your projects.



MIFA Exhibition: 23rd August – 27th September

MIFA Exhibition: 23rd August – 27th September

The opening is tonight and it will be on from tomorrow – please go have a look at some point over the next month.

Blurb below:

MiFA will be showcasing an exciting group exhibition of eleven (11) of Indonesia’s prominent and pioneering contemporary artists.

Angki Purbandono, Entang Wiharso, Farhan Siki, Gusmen Heriadi, Heri Dono, Ichwan Noor, Krisna Merti, Maria Indria Sari, Prilla Tania, Tantin, and Tintin Wulia.



ANd a TedX to get you thinking about how as designers we engage with desire. Creating objects that fundamentally make our life better versus making things that perpetuate consumer desire and a very very imbalanced way of living….

What does this mean in an area that has incredible growth and is seeing a huge growth in the middle class and disposable wealth – garish spending is very common. 



This looks at the creative social commentary that is arts practice, a discourse that helps us reflect and digest the changing nature of the local and the global – it is dynamic culture. See what is happening in the Indian arts scene and how it engages with the rapidly transforming world.  Through Art we see creative exploration of many of the issues we are looking at – where design is a tool to problem solve at multiple micro levels and engage with these macro objectives and tipping points.