Work Experience Ceres

Here is a picture of the beautiful if slightly left-to-the-wild site I have inherited as my classroom and permaculture laboratory for the next seven weeks. The five ponds used to be linked up to the Honey Lanes Aquaponics system but now lie stagnant and overgrown, one pond in particular boasts a thick carpet of bright green grass that leaves no inch of the ponds surface exposed. The structure of the ponds is a deep central pond with a shallower ring around the outside separated by a lip. There are two solar panels on site, one seemed to be quite old and one in good condition attached to a pump.

Keeping me company on site were a brood of very happy looking chooks who seemed quite surprised to have a guest. I suspect it has been quite some time since they have had company of my sort in their territory. In fact, despite asking everybody I came across, I couldn’t find anyone who could recall when or why the site had been abandoned and it seemed that no living memory of its former glory survives.