Malaysia Projects

BMW Subway Trains

BMW will be replacing current trains with new subway trains. With the exterior inspired from Kuala Lumpur architecture and the interior based on traditional Kuala Lumpur design.

Designer: BMW


Nusajaya Tech Park

Equipped with ‘environmentally-friendly, integrated business spaces and lush landscaped parks. The Nusajaya Park is ‘a long term, self-sustaining development with a balanced work-play community.’

Designer: AECOM


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Lenggong Valley Visitor Centre

The visitor center will be made from bamboo, which can be grown and cultivated on-site, and it will reintroduce heritage tropical forest’. The Visitor Centre is designed to get visitors into archaeology and the culture of the heritage site.

Designer: Citylab Design Studio



Green Diamond Building

An energy-efficient building that was awarded top prize at the ASEAN Energy Awards.
‘The diamond symbolizes transparency, value and durability [and] optimal design’

Designer: NR Architect


Rapid Transit System Link

An undersea transport system that links Malaysia and Singapore. A high-speed rail will go under the Johor Strait.

Designer: AECOM