Green concept in Qatar city development

Qatar located in Western Asia, Arabian Peninsula. It is the one of the wealthiest state in the world due to its enormous gas and oil reserves. But the country is located in the desert, it stressed from the water shortage and 90% of food are rely on import. 

Farm in desert


In order to re-engineering Qatar’s environment, The Sahara Forest Project have set up an 10,000 sqm pilot facility in 2011 and 10 months later it has opened. The Sahara Forest Project combines two environmental technologies, which are saltwater-cooled greenhouses, concentrated solar power (CSP) and technologies for desert re-vegetation around a saltwater infrastructure. The facility has an cooling system using saltwater to provide cooling and humidification, minimizing the crop’s water requirements and carbon footprint. And it uses solar-power for the production of distilled water for plants, and the wasted heat are used to warm the green house in the winter.



The first barley harvest in the pilot facility

Convention center


The facade of the center is inspired by the Sidra tree, an iconic symbol of Qatar’s heritage. The sidra has grown in the deserts of Qatar for hundreds year. Its roots reach deep into sands to find water, fruits that provide lives energy, leaves give shade to scholars and travelers. In time, the sidra tree became the symbol of nourishment, strength and courage among the Arab world.

The Invention center is also a result of green concept, it has 3600 sqm solar panel in its root support 12.5% of the total energy use. And it uses LED light in stead of normal light to reduce the energy use. According information noted LEED specifications, the new Convention center consume about 37% less energy than conventional buildings, and efficiently use energy, water, and other natural resources, protect occupant health, improve employee productivity, and reduce pollution.

It is really impressive that how Qatar combine the design and technology together in order to reach their goal. They caught the sustainability design movement, absorb the idea from it and localized it in the project. By continuing their move, Qatar would be the world-class model of green development.


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